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dimanche 3 octobre 2010

Mercredi 15 Septembre 2010 : Good Bye Australia

This post is for all the people we've met during our 1 year trip.
We just want to thank you very much for everything you've done for us or for the advices you gave us.
Without you, our trip couldn't have been the same and we really enjoyed the way of our trip thanks to you guys.

So now we say thank you to:

- Teresa and Heli for being our first contact in OZ. We couldn't hope better hosts and a better start for our trip. We won't never forget you and we keep in touch.
- Donna and Paul for your kindness, your hospitality and your advices.
- Rae (Barbie) for the different dinners we had in your houses. The last one (the mexican one) was just AWESOME!!!
- June and Gordon for welcoming us for 4 nights in your charming house in Hervey Bay. We really enjoyed to spend time with you.
- Alan & Scott Carnell for having us for our first picking experience in Oz. You are great boss and great people.
- Darby and all the Blueberry Team for having us in your nice Blueberry Farm. You are the best boss we had and we really enjoyed working for you.
- Ian and Tracy for everything you've done for us (dinner for Easter, Indoor Cricket, Pool games, and all the beers we drunk).
- Anne & Klaus for the nice time we spent with you around our Camp fire in a very quiet place in Tasmania. Hope to see you again.
- Tim for having us in your staff house for free. That was really nice to meet you.
- Mary Ann & Brian for having us for a dinner in your house and let us sleep in your yard.

We have probably miss some people but we don't forget you and thank everybody.

See ya MATES!!!!!

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